What Do Successful Article Marketers Do?

Well I have my own theories about this. I recently read an article on why not to blog. It had in it all these things about how your words were out there forever, and that anyone could read it. How the internet was starting to fill up with useless inner workings of the human mind. I have a bit of a different take on the whole thing. Here are my reasons to blog. Pay attention. Get yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy.

Upload plenty of articles you have written. Consistently blogging on a network increases the ranking and the validity of your articles. When you are promoting a single, specific keyword, use many articles that include it. If you have a popular keyword, make sure you get articles employing it visible on many article directories, and even more blogs. Then make about fifty posts to pbn setup service for a good ranking.

Treat yourself in the best possible manner you can. You deserve it. You put yourself through hell every day to support yourself and your family (if you have one). You get up early, do your best work, go home, and do it all again the next day. So try not to beat yourself up because you feel you put yourself in this position, or because you are not making six figures like your stupid boss who is ten years younger than you are and who just has a bachelor’s degree compared to your master’s. Remind yourself continually of your extraordinary talents. Engage in activities that promote your self-esteem.

Write content that will stand the test of time. Don’t write about topics that will only true for right now. You want to appeal to readers even if they look at material that you have written over a year ago. If you can produce content that keeps readers interested long after you have published it, then they will keep checking for new ones.

Every article you write should offer useful and valuable content to consumers. Always keep this in mind. You want your readers to feel like you are generally concerned with their problems.

Starting your own blog is very easy. The only thing that is required before you can set up your blog is an email address. Once you have a functioning email address, the next thing that you have to do is pick a blog host. The number of blog hosts on the internet is astronomical so as a blogger myself I am going to share with you the blog hosts that I use. I personally recommend WordPress, TBlog and Blogger. The primary reasons why I recommend these blog hosts is because they are free, easy to set up and gives you instant traffic to your blog. I have included some of the features from each of these blogs.

I do banner ads, pay per click campaigns and a few separate content networks. I’ll also do a press release and buy links that go back to my main website. I post comments on various blog postings and different forums as well. I subscribe to a link posting service that gives me one way links back to my own website. I also have access to two private blog networks that are not made available to the public, which I farm out. I also do joint ventures with others where I let them use my blog network and they let me use theirs. That is just a few ways I go about promoting a web site.

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What Do Successful Article Marketers Do?

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