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Planning a trip to Japan? You have probably already started thinking about the types of things you will do once you arrive. You no doubt also have an approximate idea of how long you will stay in Japan, as well as whether you will return straight home afterward or travel through to another destination first. At this point, you have probably started thinking about travel costs in Japan, as well.

The ultimate reward is at the $10,000 dollar mark, where the backer will be able to have dinner and drinks with Keiji Inafune himself in Tokyo, osaka itinerary. Travel and lodging expenses are not accounted for, though. Even so, it appears one diehard fan has already made the $10,000+ pledge to receive this reward.

The San Japan tours Francisco Botanical Garden Society offers a free garden tour everyday of the SF botanical garden. This green sanctuary is a resplendent urban oasis spread over 55 acres of space, and containing over 7500 varieties of plants from around the world, some of which are no longer found in their native habitats. Nature lovers will be hard-pressed to find a more pleasing spot in the city.

Yang has a history of success on several tours. He won four times on the Japan Tour between 2004 and 2006, once in twelve years and forty-six events (along with 9 top-ten finishes) on the Asian Tour, and in 2006, he became the second Korean player since K.J. Choi to win on the European Tour when he won the HSBC Championship.

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Hill was to perform as a background singer for Michael Jackson’s This is It! tour that would have taken place in London, before Jackson’s untimely death June 25. She was going to perform a duet with Michael Jackson entitled “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.” Instead Hill performed “Heal the World” at Jackson’s funeral at the Staples Center in Los Angeles July 7. She appeared very comfortable on stage despite being in the midst of grief and under the pressures of performing before millions of viewers.

One of the Egyptians just took a scary fall off rings, landing on his back. “Ooooh,” everybody around went. He’s all right though, just had the wind knocked out of him.

No one will be insulted if you don’t eat any raw foods on your travels. However, if you do not try these foods, you will be missing out on a very tasty part of Japanese food culture.