Things To Have A Look For When Buying A Home

There are a few misconceptions about disposers. First, they are not “Garbage Disposers”. They are “Food Waste Disposers”. You would be surprised at what we sometimes find in the disposer which prevents it from working. For some reason we find a lot of rocks in disposers. If you have a fish bowl, please wash it in another sink.

Keep an open mind when looking for a home. Many of us are easily influenced by first impressions but try to stay objective when considering the potential of a home. Whether the current style of the house is good or bad, don’t let looks dictate your decision. An “ugly” house could have very good bones and lots of potential. On the other hand, a beautifully decorated home could be hiding structural problems. In either cases, a thorough evaluation of the home, including a home inspection, should be the deciding factor. Not looks alone.

Mortgage Insurance ~ If your down payment is less than 20%, then mortgage default insurance from CMHC or Genworth is mandatory. This is a one-time premium that insures the lender against default of the mortgage. The premiums range from.50% to 2.75% depending on different variables. Your mortgage broker will let you know what yours is. These premiums do not have to be paid up front, they are just added to the mortgage, but you certainly have the options of paying them separately if you prefer.

An inspection can be an important tool in determining where to invest your money in a home you are selling. It can also be an excellent marketing tool when you do put your house on the market. Should your house prove sound, a potential buyer may be less wary, and more likely to make an offer.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the list that you have written down. The inspector will be glad to go over your list with you. These questions will also help you if you need other professional service people.

Clean It Thoroughly! Have the windows cleaned inside and out. Potential buyers will look inside your fridge and make subconscious judgments if it s sticky and smells like old cheese. They will peek inside your closet so spray your shoes and put some scented reeds in the corner. They will also prowl inside your sanctuary, the furnace room, where you sneak cigarettes and talk to the spiders. Vacuum and dust, under and over and keep it that way during the selling process.

Before having a home energy audit performed on a house, a homeowner may have some serious problems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. The original appearance of a home may not reveal some hidden issues that may be going on. That’s why the full inspection includes the use of some state of the art equipment and tools such as cameras. Attention will be given to all the electrical systems within the home to find out any potential problems or existing issues. The end result of a full examination will make the homeowner happier, healthier, and richer in so many ways.

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Things To Have A Look For When Buying A Home

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