On Potting Mixes And Orchid Pots

Some methods of propagating orchids are fairly easily accomplished in your own home with due care and attention. However other methods are really only suitable for the commercial laboratory growers such as propagation from seed and tissue culture as both of these require extremely sterile environments to germinate and grow successfully. The methods more easily employed in the home are outlined here.

Make sure you have the right door size. Others make the common mistake of building too small doors that prevent bigger tools and equipment from being stored inside.

Orchids thrive in temperatures that are above 55 degrees Fahrenheit but no higher than 8o degrees. bi quyet lam tre hoa lan da that are in weather that passes 90 degrees will start to loose their buds or will stop blooming at all. It is important to make sure that the flower stays moist, but do not over water the roots because it can kill the blooms. In stead, water the plant once every ten weeks, or keep the orchid in a water tray constantly. Make sure that the roots do not touch the water tray or it will then constantly be soaking up too much water.

So, you are going to water the Phalaenopsis about every 7-10 days, or it will be as needed. I’ve mentioned this in other orchidinformationsecrets articles. The reason it is as needed is because in some homes have a little more humidity while other homes are a little bit drier. You really want to check to verify that the orchid really does need water. You’ll do this by checking the medium (soil) using your finger. You’ll want to dig into the soil to about the first joint of your finger. If the soil that your orchid is planted in feels dry, then it needs water. It doesn’t need water if the soil feels really damp.

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If you are wishing that Vanda orchids could come in a wider range of colors to choose from, your wish has been granted as many hybrids of Vanda are available in deeper shades of blue and purple. Once you have selected your color of flowers, cultivate these flowers by devoting ample amount of time in their care. The more you invest your time, the better results will be achieved in the form of multiple blossoms on your Vanda orchids all year round.

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