Not Making Any Money Online – Here Are 5 Tips To Help Change That

An Autoresponder is the beginning of your marketing funnel. This is where your prospect enters your sales channel. This is where you can engage them and even more importantly follow up with them. The average person does not respond to any sales offer until between 5 to 12 follow ups. Consistency is Key!. Build rapport and establish a relationship with your prospect. Offer Value and content through your emails. Keep your emails short and sweet, preferably small paragraphs. Sending them in intervals of 2 – 3 days is enough for you to stay on the top of their minds. Any shorter then that and your content comes across as being spam. Any longer then 3 days in between messages they may forget who you are and consider it spam also.

In other words the funnel system says: attract new clients and prospects into your funnel, then find ways to add more and more value to them – and as the value increases, so does the price.

What this represents is that at the top is your “first touch”. Your job is to build interest, build rapport, get them to like you and trust you step by step. Each step down the funnel you will have fewer people as they fall out of the side of the funnel, but those that stay in the funnel, moving down to the next level are MORE interested, and like you and trust you even more than those further up the funnel. Get the idea.

Which do you think is going to stick out to a qualified prospect more? You just branded yourself in their mind. If this is a semi-qualified person who has thought about being an entrepreneur before…they are going to ASK YOU some questions. Not run the other way.

If you can’t sell a $19 ebook effectively, what makes you think that you’d be able to sell a $300 with ease? More than likely it won’t happen… at least no time soon that is. But if you learn the essentials of affiliate marketing, and how to make products sell fast and get a lot of commissions… you will be well on your way.

When you are using the internet to grow your organization, you will have prospects that are being funneled through your clickfunnels review. It’s at this point where you have the ability to do something very powerful with your prospects. You can brand yourself as an expert in their eyes.

Let people know what you can do for them – This is a critical step. People come online to find solutions to their problems. If you are a solution provider, your business will prosper. If you are only trying to sell people stuff, your business will suffer. It is pretty much as simple as that. When you tell people what you can do for them, they will be listening to every word you say to them.

If you want to start living the dream now, and plan for a future that includes the most joyous way of doing business you can imagine, then get your bootay in gear with inspired action.

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Not Making Any Money Online – Here Are 5 Tips To Help Change That

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