How To Set Up WordPress In 11 Easy Steps

Creating money blogs is not for everyone, however, if you like to write and you’re up for a challenge then it’s great. There’s nothing to stop you. After all, you can start free with Blogger to get a little practice then later get your own domain and hosting.

Follow-up is king. As marketing infiltrates more and more of wordpress blogs our lives it will seem like marketing is every where on the tv computer even your cell phone. As a small business, it will be even more critical to stay in touch with your prospects else they will go else where. Staying in touch can include: emails, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, postcards, phone calls. Now more than ever, communicating with them on a regular basis is critical.

Blogging takes time to turn it into a profitable cash magnet for your business. But if you make 1, 500+ word blog post everyday… soon you will see some positive results in the form of high search engine rankings, more wordpress blog design subscribers, more website traffic, and more sales for your business.

Here, you’ll use the credentials you’ve set up and then you can go ahead and start blogging. You’ll find many free templates and tools to customise your blog and once you start blogging, you’ll find you get more traffic than ever to your website. Blog with search engine optimisation in mind and that’ll bring you plenty of organic traffic.

There are great free sites available such as Klicka vidare till sidan and Blogger. These sites are available without costs and are simple to use. Basically you just log on and complete a simple blog template. The best thing is that you can manage all of your blogs through one centralized blog dashboard.

A plugin that is important to bookmark your posts on your blog is the Share This Plugin. It is easy to install and a box can be displayed under each post or page that can be used by anyone who wants to share your article through social bookmarking sites such as Digg. By installing this you can get increased website traffic and hopefully frequent readers.

You will never find one that is as easy to use, even for beginners. Start your blog today and before you know it you will be hooked on wordpress blogs.