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Perhaps the main item of every set of commercial kitchen equipment is the unit combining an oven and a burner range. You need burners for preparing all kinds of dishes from scrambled eggs and pancakes to lightly cooked vegetables and meats. That is why you have to choose wisely when you go shopping for appliances for your kitchen.

Of all the things listed above, the requirement for having a commissary is probably the hardest and costliest. Commissaries are licensed and health inspected catering equipment dublin. It is only in this type of kitchen that the health department allows a hot dog cart business owner to prepare and cook the food as well as clean the apparatus and utensils used.

Any kitchen used for commercial purposes must consist of commercial-grade exhaust hoods. The hoods must be designed of steel or stainless steel and fireproof. These hoods should be connected to deep fryer, ranges, grills, griddles, broilers, woks and any other equipment that will produces smoke, vapors or grease. Hoods are used to draw air into their vents and out through a ceiling or any space of 10 feet or more above the cooking area.

Consider the size of your business operations, the number of people that you can expect to cook for and your menu. The larger your restaurant or catering business is the greater the number of burners that you need is and vice versa. Pay special attention to the menu that you have set up. Check how many of the dishes and ingredients have to be prepared with the use of burners. A restaurant offering stir fries and/or dishes with sauces will need more burners than one that offers pizza, for instance.

“I started making flaxseed crackers at home and sharing them with friends and family, and they liked them, so I decided to make it a job,” said Baeza, who makes rosemary-garlic, chili-pepper and banana-raisin-currant crackers. The entrepreneur also has added products like cookies, kale chips and dried onions.

Third, make your target audience small. Churches, Synagogues, schools and the like. You are in an experimental phase, and this is a great way to knock the bugs out of your business and experiment with different flavors and designs for your product before you go larger. You also want a taste of what it is like to handle orders and get a feel for how much you can handle so you can keep a good reputation. After all, word of mouth can make or break a good business.

Make investments in those things which you need necessarily. Some equipment may look stunning but ultimately they may not serve any purpose of yours. In that case your investment will be absolutely useless. Go for simple but efficient kitchen with standard equipments.

There should be suitable space between counters so that the staff can easily move around from one counter to the other. After this comes the lighting part. It is very important to have proper lighting in the commercial kitchen. Too much or too little lights will definitely hider the working process. A moderate number of lights should be installed in the kitchen. This will provide the illusion of a more spacious environment.

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