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Having a baby shower at Halloween can be a great time to combine to fun occasions. A baby shower is a time to help out the mom to be to get the things that she and the baby need as well as a time for friends to get together. If the shower is at Halloween time, you can also include costumes to make the party even more fun. One idea is to have the guests dress up in costumes for the shower. Some ideas are baby bottles, rattles or even to dress up like an actual baby.

Have your new baby gift personalized or customized for that would really be something unique and very special. Make sure you engrave or have the child’s name printed including the date of the occasion for this will serve as a special moment of the giver is. Children are always delighted when they get presents with their names on them.

Jars and bottles: Excellent props. Old perfume bottles, cookie jars, mason jars, storage jars, medicine jars- any kind. Fill them with odd liquids or gross objects. Make labels for spell components, potions or mad scientist experiments.

You can also adjust the settings of the XMB. Enjoy surfing the internet, playing audio, video & games, or simply connect it to your home PC. The interface is easy to access; you don’t need to work hard for it. All that you need to do is simply press the ‘Home’ button. The default background tints of this PlayStation from Sony keep changing every month. However, if you want you can set the colour manually also or set an image at the background. Currently, there are about 10 official Thrive Themes i.e. Wipeout, Lemmings, Cookies, etc.

Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes. Despite the ridiculous title, this is a wonderful soft, slow tune that truly has a deep and powerful meaning behind it. As I perceive it, this song sets a boy in a world where everything is coming down against him, and he cannot stop it himself, and he is making excuses to be out of the love he cannot receive.

Dance, Dance. I was torn with this song. When I first heard it come out with the music video, I did not necessarily enjoy the tune. I was able to listen to a cut they did before releasing the fully-recorded editions that I did (go-figure) enjoy. This song reminds me of a night in the town, after getting out of a club or bar, but it brings out that ‘sad-story’ side that truly brings emotion to the song. This, ultimately, changed my opinion of it.

Teens love video games and that makes them the perfect teen party theme. Which video gaming system do you have? Can you borrow one or two extra from your friends? Buy the birthday teen the latest video game and let the contests begin. There are several gaming videos you probably already own that you can use too.

There is no rule that states you cannot combine two parties in this way. The best part about mixing a Halloween and baby shower is that it is a party that few in attendance forget any time soon. Use a combination of baby and Halloween colors, themes and games for a great day for the mom to be.