Reviewing Watchmen Movie

Veteran comic book and fiction author Ron Fortier has worked for years writing in a number of formats-including comic books, stage-plays, novels, short stories, movies scripts, and the exciting and burgeoning format of online comics and pulp stories. Ron burdens himself with an impressive list of credits, but the burden is one he happily carries into the future. Notable among his credits are The Incredible Hulk, the excellent Green Hornet series of the early 1990s by NOW Comics, and the Terminator: The Burning Earth series. He is currently involved with the creation of online comics and pulp-styled stories.

Then there’s the matter of the ridiculous premise. Basically, Batman captures the Joker easily and brings him back to cozy, rural Arkham Asylum – it’s a lovely resort of sorts. Batman wonders aloud why the Joker came along all but willingly. The millionaire trophy child for why to hate the rich then finds himself the victim of a cruel game perpetrated by one Harley Quinn. To that end, like a repair tech for Trane, Eidos apparently specializes in fan service.

A return to the ambiance of the minions. The feeling of setting Gotham in Chicago is brilliant, but The Dark Knight did suffer for not having the cave as Bruce’s HQ. Also missing were the visuals of Batman carrying himself with more of the comic’s style and poses. Begins had scenes of him in silhouette on a building spire, crouched on a railing, standing with his cape wrapped around him, etc. that gave a feeling missing from TDK. Getting back to Batman’s physicality while also dialing back on the growling voice (which only got to me somewhat during his speech to the Joker) would help return some of the comic’s style to the great realistic touches of the films.

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At the end of the day, Batman: Arkham Asylum will be another highly rated piece of trite nonsense. Luckily for Eidos, this inferior brawler has a rather dapper guy on the box and can sell unit after unit like a street pharmacist peddling his wares to fidgety dope fiends on the corner. No matter how bad it is, they’ll come back for another taste because of how great the first experience was.

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The speculation began the moment TDK’s credits rolled, and this franchise in particular has many possible directions. Usually, film adaptations, at best, pull from the source material for inspiration, but the Batman movies have become good enough to make us wish the comics would borrow a trick or two from them. Hopefully, the third film can continue to add to the character’s legacy.