Pipe Welding: Is Nuclear Power Dead? (Or Is There A Career For You Here)

Pipe welding is the most cost-effective way to fuse pipes together. It uses both heat and cold to turn multiple pieces of pipe into one flush pipe – without any fittings.

Anything worth having requires focused work. What do you think a heart surgeon concentrated on learning while in school? That’s right, heart surgery. Focus on the one thing that will make you money and burn it up like a laser beam! OTS! “Own The Skill!” Be careful NOT to waste time, money and effort on things which will not ever make you money, or which will make you very little money! DO what others are unwilling to put out the effort to master.

If we get into the details of the kinds of tests for the pipe welding, we may get lost in it. Therefore, it is better to take an outline view of what is it all about? There are hundreds of Click to know tests but two of them are more dominant. They are 2″ and 6″ schedule 80 pipes in the 6g position. The sad part is that these two joints need to be welded in various ways.

Another pay factor which is part of the total equation is per diem – money for staying on or near the job, far from home. Still another factor that makes up the big numbers is the amount of hours worked. A welder can be on a job working twelve hours a day, seven days a week, for as much as sixty days straight.

Do they screw around with their guitars once a week? Do they do the most reserve and minimum thing to get gigs? Heck no! They practice by LIVING with that guitar 24/7. They find crazy and wild schemes to get noticed. (No, you don’t have to smash up your welding machine). The intensity of your practice and the number of joints you weld does make all the difference.

Why not Minot, (North Dakota)? You’ll find out. Just be sure you take every warm piece of clothing you ever got in your life (and ask your mom for your baby blanket back too). Why? because you’ll be putting it all on at one time. Temperatures can be 40 degrees Fahrenheit, BELOW zero. North Dakota isn’t the only place there is work or will soon be work. The big pipeline from Canada to Texas will start up soon, and you are likely to see demand for pipe welders explode.

Your high pressure fittings will go in between the pipes, in an effort to connect everything. Since they’re designed to handle lots of speed and pressure, you won’t have to worry about your pipes coming apart if you use the right fittings.

Not everyone can juggle or do a back flip. Pipe welding is a hand-eye skill. It is possible to learn to weld pipe without knowing much about what you’re doing. I’m not saying that’s a good idea. I’m saying that to show you where the “Money Shot” is – it isn’t in a bunch of book learning, when it comes to welding pipe. The money is in your ability to weld a round object in any position possible.