How To Shoot Web Video

It’s the 21st Century. Sure, we may not have flying cars or robot servants secretly plotting the demise of human civilization, but we do rely on WIFI to get things done. Work, home, entertainment, education… We’re a wired culture and the internet is our constant connection to everything and everyone.

“All You Need Is Love” was written in 1969. It’s such a simple song with simple lyrics, but it is an anthem that simply states, “All you need is love.” Call me crazy, but that’s all I want. This song reminds me that there are people that think the same way, and that want to spread the same message.

You can even reference the story and add your own views on it – that is often a very easy way to create content for your website and saves you having to think too much about what to write!

1) A few tips to keep you in the guide lines of YouTube. With the service you can upload as many videos as you like, but each video must be under 10 minutes, (If you wish to have longer videos then you are able to upgrade your user account). I think the best way to do this is to break your video down into chunks. For instance if your video is 50 mins long make 5 shorter videos. This makes it easier for you and the viewier.

I’ll action you through the process so you can save money as effectively. You can also check out out my size of youtube thumbnail clip in which I describe my expertise. The bottom line is do your research – don’t fear – and save income! And in my situation I was ready to get a far better tire that was not obtainable in my regional area. This tire was rated the greatest SUV and Light Truck tire and it was less costly than lesser rated tires but that is the subject of an additional post.

When it comes to marketing on YouTube, you have tons of potential customers for your business. The main thing that you will want to include in your videos is your website link. Now obviously your viewers can’t click on your URL in the video itself, but they can click on your link in the description area of your video.

Last week we told you of the upcoming Jazz Festival that will be held January 21 and January 22, 2011 at Towson University. The Hank Levy Legacy Band will be performing on Saturday evening the 22nd. This is a great chance for any Hank Levy fan to see his music performed as he imagined it. We will also keep you updated on the band’s future performances as they draw closer.