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When the time comes for tax filing, some people tend to panic because they are not prepared to go ahead with the filing. Fortunately, with the evolution of technology, tax filing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it has become very efficient today. Here are 5 tips to help ensure that the filing process is a smooth sailing one.

For us, we called our local H and R Block to get the answer. The H and R Block representative was extremely helpful. They did not try to get us to schedule an appointment or even come in for a consultation. I am used to filing my taxes without a professional and was relieved to know that I could manage this issue on my own, as well.

Don’t be scared off by a short sale property as they may turn out to be a great deal for you. But you should know a few things before deciding to make a short sale purchase.

Possible tax considerations, talk to your Torrance Tax Accountant about the 1099 ordinary income for the gift of forgiven loans, as well as the insolvency exceptions.

Get this morning’s newspaper. Open it to the first three pages (these are the pages that the Editor of the newspaper considers are the most important). Find a red crayon and a blue crayon. Put a red border around all the bad news. Then take your blue crayon and do the same for any good news stories (if you can find any). Now compare the area bounded in red by the area bounded in blue. What do you find?

Even though the sale is more than likely going to be “as is” it is essential for the buyer to conduct a home inspection. You want to know what you are buying and what repairs will need to be made.

In some cases, it will help you on your tax return as well. Of course, you should always consult your tax accountant to determine whether this is a good investment for you and your situation.