5 Web Design Blunders That Internet Marketers Unknowingly Commit

In cascading style sheets you can specify how your web pages will be presented on the screen by simply predefining page elements such as fonts, headers and links.

You’ve got two options. Either you can go with freelance web designers or can hire full service web designers to have your web presence, also known as website. Freelance web designers are the web experts who don’t join any company and provide their services on individual level. On the other hand, full service web designers are the companies, which provide fulltime services in the domain of web applications. Experts suggest that one should go with full service web designers.

When I discovered this, I immediately began adding definitions for other tags like H1, H2, linktext (not visited, visited and hover) and special colors in text.

Don’t overdo the colours – It may be tempting to go all psychedelic and splash all the colours of the rainbow across your site too make it look bright and ‘cheery’, but in truth it’s garish and distracting. Around 3-5 different colours is a good number to aim for – try using a colour wheel to work out which colours complement one another and which clash.

Try writing a good “About Us” page. Dry or simplistic content won’t get your reader interested. You can share personal information, education history and career choices that have lead you to this point in your life. Try giving people a tiny peek into your personal background. Try showing how you got into web design in purulia, who inspired you, and what you hope to accomplish with your business.

If your website is quite large with many pages & products then make sure you have a Site Search option for your website. Ideally this will be placed near the top of the page.

Use sensible links. This will help the search engines and vision impaired guests to make sense of your page “click here” does not mean much by itself.

So you’ve got your site done and you’re ready to launch it? WAIT. Before launch, test everything about the site. Look over absolutely everything that went into the design. Make sure the URLs are optimized. Check the site in different browsers. If you have the opportunity, check the site from two machines with different operating systems. Two of the most popular web browsers and Firefox and Internet Explorer. If your website is broken in Internet Explorer, you’re going to alienate that portion of your viewers!