5 More Ways To Go Green & Save Money

You may have been proud of your old CRT computer monitor, but as the years have gone by, it’s become quite outdated. You don’t want to just throw away a whole computer monitor–after all, it was expensive when you’d bought it–but your local electronics recycling center wants to charge you to take it. Here are four things you can do to get rid of a computer monitor without throwing it away, and without paying a cent.

I also suggest writing the recycling pick-up or drop-off days in your calendar. Maybe you can designate each Friday as recycling day and take the items from the house to the garage. Or, you can make it the day before recycling is picked up. Once you get into a rhythm, it will naturally become part of your life.

Refuse Collection: Residential trash and recycling will not be collected on May 25. Scheduled collections will be delayed by one day during the week of May 25. The household hazardous waste and ava recycling collection site will also be closed.

Important to note this year is that the location for the dumpsters has changed from the in-town site to the new Public Works Barn located at 345 Lively Street. Lively Street is across from Regions Bank on Buford Highway. The collection time is 8am to 3pm and is free.

Stop and really think about how much waste is created by individually wrapped American cheese slices. If you stop buying items that are packaged individually you could significantly cut down on the waste you create in the first place. Buy in bulk when you know you are going to use it.

In the average home, the toilet accounts for 28% of water use. Weight a bottle with an inch or so of sand or pebbles and fill it the rest the way with water. Seal it and place in your toilet tank away for the operating mechanisms. You will be saving water on every flush! Make sure there is at least 3 gallons of water left to ensure proper toilet use. Most toilets have more than enough room unless they are already low flow.

So it’s simple to start reducing the carbon output, and not really that expensive. In fact many of these will actually help you save money at the same time, and with the way the economy is right now, who doesn’t want to save money? Start today. Remember the natural carbon level for our planet is lower than 300 and we are currently on a quick run to breaking 400 in the next few years. But we can stop it, if we are willing to start with simple solutions and work up from there.