11 Steps To Starting An Online Business

If you wait until after you launch your site to start working on search engine marketing, you’re going to be spending a lot of days watching the paint dry. It takes time for even the best designed, most highly optimized site to start pulling traffic and getting a little notice.

Facebook practically allows you to communicate in real time with your customers, and it allows them to interact with each other. Your best customers will help spread the word about your business and help the “newbies” who have questions. To go back to our party example, it’s like being at a party with all the cool kids – and they all want to talk to you!

Include testimonials in your marketing. Include testimonial links from satisfied customers right on your web pages, blog post, and even your landing pages.

You can have a wonderful blog, but it won’t make you a dime if no one knows about it. You’re going to have to learn some techniques that will help you be found. This includes search engine optimization, social bookmarking, and social networking.

What elements make up a website? A domain name, one that if possible reflects the content of the website. For example a horse racing system of my own ‘Avon Handicap System’ is reflected in the domain name. Can you guess what it is? This allows the search engines to connect both the title and content. The cost of hosting a website has to be taken into consideration. Many hosting companies now will host on a monthly basis. Or using a free website may be an option if you are starting out. Or you could start by using wordpress sidan or Blogger both of whom having ready made templates.

When I first started to blog I was using blogger. When I found this little tip I was so happy I shared it with others and some had not heard of this method so I really wanted to share it with you.

Now, remember the email from HostGator? It has listed your two nameservers 1 and 2. You need to copy nameserver 1 from your email and paste it into the first box in Go Daddy, and then copy nameserver 2 from your email and paste it into the second box in Go Daddy, click OK, and there you have it, you’re all set up and ready to go.